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  1. Website Launch Checklist: 25 Things to Test Before Your Site Goes Live

    Most websites have writers, web developers, marketers, search engine optimizers, and network administrators coming together to create the site. W3C-valid code is the one thing you can do prior to launch to have some confidence around a search...

  2. SOPA Explained: Why It’s Bad for the Web & How to #StopSOPA

    The fact that a law like SOPA or PIPA can be fast-tracked with no mention on the nightly news, no debate, in closed sessions A Microsoft spokesperson explained their decision not to join the #StopSOPA blackout to Search Engine Watch:

  3. News Blogs Are Becoming the New Online Newspapers

    What does this mean to readers of this Search Engine Marketing News Blog, which is also one of the more than 4,500 English-language news sources worldwide that have their headlines aggregated by Google News?

  4. SearchDay | Choose the Right SEO Project Goals

    News from the Search Engine Watch Blog Now, they've updated the tool with the following features: New data sources - Googl has added more data from Google News, Image and Product Search sites. Ten Top Stories from Day 1 of SES New York Posted by...

  5. SearchDay | Get More Attention with Legal PPC Ad Symbols

    News from the Search Engine Watch Blog gained 0.5 percentage points in comScore search engine rankings for January 2009. Search Engine Watch Experts Columns Developing Successful Viral Marketing Ideas SEW EXPERTS: PROMOTION & LINK BUILDING A...

  6. SearchDay | The Better You Rank...the Better You Rank!

    News from the Search Engine Watch Blog On a Slow Search News Day: My Google Sauce Dream Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 20, 2009 My daily search news duties are a bit slow today due to some apparently big government change of power in the nation's...

  7. Online PR Industry in UK Can Learn Lessons from SEO Industry

    And, yes, I should disclose that I'll be speaking at the "Online Video Update - The Next Wave" session on Tuesday, Feb.the "News Search SEO" session on Wednesday, Feb.and the "Beyond Linkbait: Getting Authoritative Mentions Online" session on...