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  1. Qihoo Search: Dead on Arrival?

    In the comparison, they find that searches on terms such as the “Tiananmen Square Incident” netted uncensored results without censorship notices where Baidu restricted the search results. According to several analysts and news sources, they’ve...

  2. SOPA Explained: Why It’s Bad for the Web & How to #StopSOPA

    The apparent inclusion of search blocking, widely regarded as Internet censorship. Smith said in response to the White House’s show of opposition to the bill in its current form, "It is not censorship to enforce the law against foreign thieves.

  3. Will Jackson Record Visits Change Bartz Attitude To Entertainment Stories?

    Yahoo's business in China and self censorship elicited her comment "Yahoo was not incorporated to fix China" and "You can't hold us as the bad boys forever.but giving information on reporters that are then but in prison should be glossed over with...

  4. The Search Engine Report - Number 118

    Google Reader Censorship In China, Not So Much. Baidu Holds 62% Share In China - Baidu, the Chinese search engine, has 62.1 percent share based on a China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC) report.

  5. The Search Engine Update - Number 230 - October 4, 2006

    Google Reader Censorship In China, Not So Much. Then again, the case is really about trying to convince Google it should pay to carry their news content. News each day, throughout the day, alerts of new discussion threads from our Search Engine...

  6. Yahoo Fellowships For Repressed Journalists, While Chinese Journalist Might Sue Them

    Earlier this month, I dinged Google over hypocrisy for getting behind Banned Books Week given its support of censorship in China. Yahoo funds $1M Stanford journalism fellowship from the San Jose Business Journal covers how Yahoo -- under fire...