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  1. SearchDay | Social Media Madness -- The Final Four

    Group managers can utilize RSS by adding an ATOM feed, RSS feed or a web site URL. LinkedIn Enables RSS Feeds to Enhance Sharing in Groups Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 23, 2009 LinkedIn is allowing groups on the professional social network to add...

  2. Yahoo and the Future of Search

    Atom/RSS Feeds The big news here is that this signals a move back toward search engines trusting Webmasters to tell them about their sites. Instead of having to scan a Web page to try and figure out what title to put on the search result, and what...

  3. Tracking Changes on Web Pages

    Also will handle RSS and ATOM feeds What Happens When You Mashup RSS, IM, and Publishing Services? CNET Jan 2 2006 7:35PM GMT CNET Dec 29 2005 11:16PM GMT Navisso Web Search Goes to Open Beta.

  4. Roundup Of Google Blog Search Commentary

    Google adds blog search from Dave Winer doesn't seem happy you can get results in either RSS or Atom. Of course, if they picked Atom, he wouldn't be happy. It's based off feeds, and the ranking is going to be much different than the full text...

  5. Google Desktop Search 2 Offers New Sidebar Widgets, Outlook Integration & More

    In other words, the sidebar can also function as an RSS or ATOM aggregator. Web Clips: Web Clips is the Google name for RSS feeds. Now in beta, Google Desktop Search 2 offers features such as integration with Outlook, indexing of email at Gmail, a...

  6. Syndic8 Gets Outed for Spamming

    the place to come to find RSS and Atom news feeds on a wide variety of topics? Via Google Blogoscoped we read that RSS directory Syndic8 is now being dinged for doing something similar. Charles Coxhead and Andy Baio say RSS directory

  7. Managing the Firehose of Real-Time Information

    The easiest option is to simply click the appropriate link or icon to add the subscription to your current news aggregator, such as MyYahoo, Bloglines, or clients that use RSS or Atom formats. RSS feeds, search alerts and other information...