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  1. Why Facebook Ad Haters Are Wrong – Here’s How Marketers Can Do Better

    Search Engine Watch columnists Noran El-Shinnaway and Merry Morud are both great resources on Facebook creative. We have no more insight here at Search Engine Watch than the general public as far as why General Motors’ ad campaigns failed.

  2. From 0 to 3 Million Monthly Visitors: Learn One Man's Proven Strategy

    More Content Marketing Resources FC: A lot of that growth happened naturally, but I became aware of the importance of search engine optimization about three years ago. I also use past experience to inform my article topics for the future.

  3. Google Encrypted Search: 9 Key Points B2B Marketers Need to Know

    Hopefully more third party referral tools provide resources and information dealing with this change and please add any relevant links or references via comments below. Here are some initial resources and vendor announcements we have found with...