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  1. The Content Hack That Will Unlock 100 Years of Journalistic Tips for Your Digital Strategy

    This is used a lot in Web and UX design and understanding that fear of inadequacy, in the case of Men's Health, is a key driver of behavior will help you refine your ideas to hit the right notes. What Can Traditional PR Teach the Digital World...

  2. Google Reveals New AdWords Features: App Ads, 'Enterprise' Tools, & More

    Google notes that more than 80 percent of downloaded apps are used only once and then deleted. Paul Feng, director of product management AdWords Platform, introduced reporting improvements for advertisers to help visualize and test real-world data.

  3. How to Hire (and Keep) Digital Marketing Talent in 2014

    Weintraub notes the best answer is to be part of the solution and always educating. Rigorous and methodical hiring, ongoing training, and twice a year reviews (especially facing the pressures of entitlement with the millennial generation who are...

  4. 20:20 Vision: 20 Brands Share Insights on 20 Topics – Earned Media, Search & Social

    Here is a collection of notes, quotes, and insights from leading brands and thought leaders in the earned media and digital marketing space. End Notes We live in a three-device world – leading to attribution and content iteration challenges.

  5. How to Create Compelling Content Based on Learning Styles

    Those who learn by verbalizing the subject matter fall into this category and learn best by, for example, reading out notes to process and retain information. The key to understanding why this is the case is to dive into the world of learning...

  6. Inside the SES New York 2013 Expo Hall: Networking, Pinball & Swag

    Over lunch and at sponsored networking events, it seemed as if no moment was spared as industry leaders compared notes and connected with peers on professional and personal levels. Then they set goals and measure progress for each individualized...

  7. Google April Fools' Pranks 2013: YouTube Closing, Google Nose, Gmail Blue & More!

    Wet Dog - Aggressive and foxy with notes of musk, wet towel Nail salon - Spa water and refreshing notes of acetone YouTube began in 2005 as a contest to find the best video in the world. At least according to Google Nose, one of the latest...