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New Universal Search Results Top 10 Videos

  1. Why 7 Search Results in Google Should be Your Brand New Lucky Number

    When a top ranked site doesn’t have sitelinks, Google continues to show the traditional 10 blue links, plus whatever other universal results are deemed relevant (news, images, videos, etc. A big change seems to be underway on Google, most likely...

  2. Are all Results on Search Engines Equal? A Surprising Journey Within the SERPs [Best of SEW 2010 #7”

    Are universal search type results on Bing and other engines as attractive as Google? The universal search type results on Bing and Yahoo are as attractive as Google. Primarily, we found universal search was a strong design factor.

  3. Google Generates Highest Volume of Referral Traffic to Online Video Content

    This includes content providers such as CBS, BBC, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group, Warner Music Group, NBA, The Sundance Channel and many more. The number of videos watched per viewer in a given session averaged 2.82, growing at a pace of...

  4. Go to SES Berlin or SES Chicago for "Three Key Trends"

    But consider this: If you took an SEO training course before May 16, 2007, it wouldn't have covered universal search. Since then, Google has incorporated information from a variety of previously separate sources - including videos, news, images...

  5. Social Media Madness - The Final Four

    Hulu is NBC Universal and News Corporation's online video joint venture. YouTube is the leader in online video, sharing original videos worldwide through a Web experience. Business Use: Companies need to leverage their customer base enthusiasm for...

  6. SearchDay | User Ratings and Reviews: Join the Conversation

    AU NATURAL Holiday phrases like "Christmas" show up in Google's universal search results, so there still may be an opportunity to show up. Top Stories and Videos from SES Chicago 2008 on Day 4 Posted by Greg Jarboe Dec 11, 2008 You donâ””t need to...

  7. Top 10 Videos on YouTube from SES San Jose 2008

    Johanna Wright of Google talks with me about Google's Universal Search platform, which integrates various online media in its search results page to offer searchers a wider selection of relevant results.