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  1. Social Retail: Finding, Engaging & Cultivating Today’s Connected Consumer

    Millennials are highly-skeptical of brand content and marketing in social media, instead 86 percent of consumers in that group say that user-generated content has more influence on what they buy (Source: Bazaarvoice Study) percent of all online...

  2. Yahoo Makes Big Push In India

    Labs - Bangalore intends to build its world-class team, which is focused on delivering the most valuable insights and leading edge technologies to delight all of our customers worldwide," said Dr. Labs - Bangalore, its first in India.

  3. Google Announces Plan to Open Pittsburgh Engineering Office; Yahoo Opens NYC Research Center

    Ron Brachman who comes to Yahoo from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and AT&T Labs. The center will focus on key technologies in the areas of computer science and social media relevant to Yahoo!

  4. Eurekster Launches Personalized Social Search

    Yahoo Announces Yahoo Labs. If not social networking, we certainly know that Google has a number of personalization technologies at its disposal. Imagine Eurekster being used by all the employees of a medical research firm, where many might do...

  5. The Search Engine Report - April 2, 2003 Number 77

    A software utility that grew out of visual perception research at Xerox's famous PARC labs magnifies critical information on web pages, making it "pop out" and appear to float above the background. Keep an Eye on iPhrase & Search Engine Forums...

  6. Happy Birthday, AltaVista!

    The AltaVista search engine was the brainchild of Digital Equipment Corporation's (DEC) research labs. In the fall of 1995, DEC decided to move AltaVista beyond the labs and offer it as a public service on the web, to highlight DEC's internet...