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New South Wales

  1. Who Is Duncan Watts and Why Is Everything Obvious ... Once You Know the Answer?

    He holds a Physics from the University of New South Wales, and Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from Cornell University. The keynote speaker at SES New York 2011 is Duncan Watts, a principal research scientist at Yahoo!

  2. Rays of hope

    This was the case with Edgecliff, New South Wales-based Rubicon Asset Management, which runs a number of funds, including the Rubicon International Leaders Fund – Capital Protected Series 1. If the market turns significantly south, you may sit in...

  3. Social Media Madness - The Final Four

    Coach: CEO Jimmy Wales founded the company (along with Larry Sanger) in January 2001, and is based in San Francisco. Business Use: Great play for companies heavy in Latin and South America. Facebook's new design is very similar to Twitter and could...

  4. On the move

    Nguyen joins after studies at the University of New South Wales. The other new members of the team are Wendy Kong, now managing director and relationship manager; Alice Chow, managing director and investment adviser; Wilfred Ng, director and...