SEO News

New Look Cleaner

  1. Google Updates Android Search App; Teases New iPhone/iPad Search App

    It’s cleaner and simpler, optimized for touch, with results clustered on cards so you can focus on the answers you’re looking for," Google said in a blog post. Google also announced a new look and feel for Google search across mobile devices.

  2. YouTube Unveils New Look to Increase Channel Views, Subscriptions

    They’ll also see this cleaner and simpler design across the entire site. YouTube has unveiled a new look to help users find their favorite channels and “subscribe, subscribe, subscribe. All YouTube users need to do is subscribe to their favorite...

  3. Search Engine Users Dislike Personalized Search But Like the Results

    It’s comparable to the wind power war currently raging in Ontario; most people want cleaner power sources and even more would be unwilling to give up their hydro service for the greater good. However, among this same set of survey respondent users...

  4. Major YouTube Redesign Zooms in on Channels, Video Discovery, Social Sharing

    They’ve used user feedback to improve their overall design, and have now rolled out a cleaner and simpler site, with a consistent gray background, bigger video thumbnails, and a more streamlined watch page.

  5. New Blogger Interface Is Live

    Blogger has delivered a new, cleaner look and a fully redesigned editor – a facelift that Google first promised in March. The editor sports a cleaner look that gives fast access to key functions and that provides a wider canvas for toying with your...