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New Idea Google Pack

  1. The Bra Tree – A New Way Of Thinking About Evergreen Content

    You may not be able to work titillating themes into all your content, but even giving your articles some personality will be enough to separate you from the pack. Google loves fresh content. Hopefully, with a little personality and regular care...

  2. 10 Ways Rehashed Content Fails Your Website

    With bounce rate looking to become an increasingly important algorithm factor in Google, there’s even less excuse now to pack your pages with average content. The fact is, if you want to do well in search, it's a good idea to do as Google says.

  3. Skype Dials in to Local Search

    This figure will grow with Google's recent move to have the local "10 pack" appear in more searches. The 10 pack is where the opportunity lies, because phone numbers are shown in these search results.

  4. SME Brand Strategy: SEM Tactics, Tips, and Tricks, Part 1

    If you can pick a brand name and design a logo that stands out from the pack, you're going to have an easier time getting the word out about your products. Google Searches (Wordtracker) Let's look at what Google Trends tells us the searches will...