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New Guidelines Affiliate Sites

  1. Google’s Rating Guidelines Adds Page Quality to Human Reviews

    Others may be deceptive, having only been created to make money via ads or affiliate links rather than to provide helpful information. The 161-page General Guidelines document, version 3.27 dated June 22, 2012, seems largely unchanged from last...

  2. Brand Monitoring: A Guide to Protecting Trademarks on Paid Search

    Advertisers who engage in this practice include authorized resellers, unauthorized resellers, competitors, affiliate marketers, parked domains, spyware/malware/phishing sites, made-for-ads sites, shopping sites, editorial sites, and coupon sites.

  3. SearchDay | My Wife, the Editor

    Google building YouTube to be cash giant Oct 9, 2008 Google is reportedly on the path of making YouTube similar to an Affiliate Marketing channel. After watching music videos or...