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  1. So Far, Twitter Falters On The Political Front

    What I've said previously being noted, JSM favors market-based approach except where gov't intervention This weekend, the Personal Democracy Forum hosted a Twitter-only political experiment. The participants gave it the old college try...

  2. Google Mobile Advertising: It's Time to Start

    Even further out: projection of both the display and the keyboard -- like this prototype unveiled by NEC four years ago: I'm going to switch gears starting this week and cover an aspect of PPC advertising that will become increasingly important to...

  3. Search Engines 101

    This specialized search engine, from the NEC Research Institute, is focused on computer science research papers. From Resource Discovery to Knowledge Discovery on the Internet The best way to access Dr.

  4. Search Engine Watch Top Stories of 2002

    Winners Don't Take All: Link Popularity for the Rest of Us SearchDay, Apr. Though a small number of sites get the majority of inbound links and traffic, a new study reveals a...

  5. Search Engine Link Popularity: Winners Don't Take All

    The good news is that there's hope for smaller, less well connected sites, according to "Winners Don't Take All: Characterizing the Competition for Links on the Web," a new study from computer scientists at the NEC Research Institute who have...

  6. Information Wants to be Valuable

    Free Online Availability Substantially Increases a Paper's Impact By Steve Lawrence, NEC Research Institute. The Internet corollary is "You can find anything on the web.

  7. The Search Engine Update, May 2, 2001, Number 100

    Google also has an earlier partnership with NEC's NEC-backed Japanese portal, with search powered by Google. The Search Engine Update is a twice-monthly update of search engine news. It is available only to Search Engine Watch members.