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  1. Google Brings NHL, NBA Video Highlights to Search Results

    This new feature seems to be restricted to just NHL and NBA games at this time. All videos are from the official YouTube channel of either the NHL or the NBA, meaning Google isn't displaying videos that are posted to YouTube by the teams themselves...

  2. March Madness = Search and AdWords Madness?

    Currently is placing a larger focus on the NBA and the upcoming season of NCAA football (although they are still bidding on "march madness" and "north Carolina"). Occurring every spring, March Madness is the one time during the year when...

  3. Social Media Rules for Athletes

    Fines in both the NFL and NBA are doled out when an athlete steps out of bounds, regardless of the lack of official regulations. Similar to the NBA, the NFL has restrictions on the usage of PDAs and mobile devices before, during and after the game...

  4. Social Media in the NFL

    The NBA followed up a month later with a similar social media policy, which banned the use of social media sites from 45 minutes before games through post game media interviews. Last August the NFL announced its social media policy.

  5. SearchDay | The Decision-Making Funnel, Stage 4: Action Offers Instant Answers for NHL, NBA Playoff Games and Players Posted by Nathania Johnson May 28, 2009 If your team wasn't painfully swept in the playoffs last night, you might want to use to keep up with future playoff games.

  6. SEO for Publishers: News and Sports are Slow to Adopt SEO

    Keeping with the sports theme, the ESPN site provides a good example of a bad URL: Thus, a URL like You normally don't see articles about basketball games and soccer.