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  1. Panda Has a Smartphone – Here Are 7 Things You Can Do to Test It Now

    Are Android users experiencing weird issues causing them to bounce off the site? You can check if blocks of content are missing when switching user agent, if the navigation breaks, or if specific user agents are triggering other problems.

  2. 130 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Local Search Automation Tool

    Will we have a presence in Apple and Android apps, like AroundMe? Will our location information be sent to GPS and car navigation sites? Choosing a local search automation vendor can be a complicated and intimidating decision for companies with...

  3. Really Google? Penalizing Good Sites To Get Some Bad Ones

    Prior to the changes, DaniWeb ranked number one for "Android tablets" with this page of very persoanlized insights in to the Google products. The cries are coming from everywhere -- industry insiders finding problems, small very niched sites whose...