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  1. 10 Website Quality Indicators That Can Sink Your SEO Battleship

    Yes, in the wake of Google's Panda and Penguin updates, you must have amazing original, unique, and well-written content and natural appearing backlink structures. Generally you will see URL strings that make no sense or you will click through your...

  2. What is Valid Link Bait?

    Though Cutts did say that there were differences between paid links and "natural" links -- whatever they are. In terms of the widget bait thing, this is another area where people may be pushing the envelope a little by including non-relevant links...

  3. Advertising Placements by Industry and Top Sponsored Links, April 2007

    These ads are often displayed alongside natural search results but identified under specified headers (e.g. Law Firm of Richard Glen Boire california+penal+code+section+1203.4 california+penal+code criminal+background+of+an+area

  4. Google In Controversy Over Top-Ranking For Anti-Jewish Site

    Google said earlier it has done no banning, that this was a natural consequence of the site being down. The strange looking URL for what I thought was the home page --" -- is the URL with ASCII code for a quotation mark...