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Nate Tyler

  1. Google Adds More Fresh Pages, Changes Robots.txt & 403 Errors, Gains iWon

    We are significantly increasing the size of the daily crawl and have been doing over the past month," said spokesperson Nate Tyler. NOTE: IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE MSN ARTICLE, IT'S HERE: MSN Adds Preview Screenshots, Ability To Dig Deeper Into...

  2. Google's Gaggle of New Goodies

    Google Labs is a new effort to "enable Google to test its latest search technologies while collaborating with its loyal user community in an effort to build search services that are better suited to their needs," according to Google spokesperson...

  3. Ask the Search Engine: Paid Placement vs. Paid Inclusion

    Google News Search groups related stories together and presents them in an easy-to-read format in the search results page," said Google spokesperson Nate Tyler. Tyler says possible future enhancements include more international news sources, and...

  4. Google Gets Bigger, Fresher, Offers Better News

    Once we discovered the issue, a fix was implemented," said Google spokesperson Nate Tyler. In addition, the service rolled out changes designed to improve the freshness of its results and the ability for users to find news.