SEO News


  1. Morgan Stanley Fined $5 Million Over Handling of Facebook IPO

    Facebook's IPO descended into farce even before the NASDAQ stock exchange's systems failed to cope with initial demand for the stock. Investment bank, Morgan Stanley, has been fined $5 million by the US state of Massachusetts for its role in the...

  2. Facebook Privacy Lawsuit Seeks $15 Billion

    The social networking giant on Friday kicked off its IPO in New York on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Facebook was hit with a $15 billion privacy lawsuit hours before its initial public offering (IPO), which valued the firm at more than $100 billion.

  3. Google Reports $10.65 Billion in Q1 2012 Revenue, Proposes New Class of Stock

    The new class is a non-voting stock and will be listed on NASDAQ. Google revenues topped $10 billion for the second quarter in a row, coming in only slightly higher than their Q4 2011 $10.58 billion. The Q1 2012 $10.65 billion in revenue is a new...

  4. Yahoo Appoints Ross Levinsohn as New EVP of Americas

    NASDAQ: YHOO) announced today that the company has appointed Ross Levinsohn as executive vice president of the Americas region. Yesterday's rumors are today's news and in this case the news is that Yahoo has hired former News Corp exec, Ross...