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Names Multiple Domains

  1. Why 7 Search Results in Google Should be Your Brand New Lucky Number

    Although we haven’t completely figured out what’s going on here, it seems to support the theory that Google is actually looking at multiple sources and trying to use as many verified data signals as it can to leverage brand results and surface...

  2. More Localized Google Suggest and Improved Spell Correction for Names

    In the past week we've expanded auto-correction to 31 languages across over 180 domains, with more to come. Names can be complicated and often there are multiple common spellings. Nayak said, "People often search for people's names -- and not just...

  3. SearchDay | Canaries in the SEM Coal Mine

    For instance, because we are Canadian, our customers often register .ca domains but also register .com domains for "global presence" and just to make sure we get all of those people who type .com by accident.