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  1. Using Majestic's Topical Trust Flow to Find Online PR Opportunities

    The name of the journalist who wrote the story. So by moving from a single topic 'News / Newspapers' to search for topics that include the word 'News', we uncover many more opportunities. In April this year, Majestic released a new feature Topical...

  2. Bing Launches Search Removal Request Form in Europe

    If you are a European resident and want to request that Microsoft block search results on Bing in response to searches on your name, please use this form. Microsoft's search engine Bing has finally responded to the recent European Court of Justice...

  3. 5 Takeaways From the World Cup for Global Search Marketers

    Or, you could use a language selector that is written in the local language (for example, if your site is in Portuguese, don't name the "English" selector "Inglês"). It was crazy and intense, and for those in the search world, there were many...

  4. How to Detect and Deal With Toxic Content (That Could Poison Your Entire Site)

    You can sort your spreadsheet crawl doc by title or file name, A-Z. Bounce Rate: Whether a user returns to or "bounces" back to the search results without going deeper into your site may be an indicator of an unfulfilling or poor experience for users.

  5. Google Search Quality Guidelines Now Reward Expertise, Authority, Trust

    This includes pages that include information on physical, financial, or safety matters, to name a few. The latest version of Google's "human rater handbook," quality evaluation guide, has leaked once again, and gives us more clues into...

  6. Twitter Engagement Study: Top Apps, Content Sources & Profiles Among Search Marketers

    The most-shared mainstream media included content from Forbes, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few. The search marketing community is one that can be defined by the topics we write about and share with our colleagues.