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  1. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    The agreement consists of four major components in the areas of search and graphical advertising, online payments, a co-branded toolbar, and the opportunity to explore 'click-to-call' functionality. Yahoo and eBay Partner Webmaster World

  2. End Of Size Wars? Google Says Most Comprehensive But Drops Home Page Count

    It's a graphical site, rendering it largely invisible to search engines). Yahoo's response when I followed up on this was that Mondout's site seemed to be mostly content scraped from Amazon or eBay, plus that he had excessive crosslinking.

  3. The Search Engine Update - Number 162 - Dec. 2, 2003

    But for a new twist on the graphical version, see the Search Engine Decoder, above. For a similar look at these type of issues, see the article I wrote last month summarizing how complaints caused Google to go after an eBay affiliate: http...