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  1. Search Engine Marketing Checklist for Hotel Marketers

    For the China market, setup Baidu’s Analytics tool on your website and integrate it with your Baidu paid search account Identify and optimize the content of the top 100 pages in terms of the highest Google and Baidu organic search traffic from a...

  2. 8 Lessons Learned From Owning a Search Agency for 15 Years

    There is no agency that doesn’t go through major peaks and valleys usually revolving around landing a BIG account to losing your biggest client. After the sale of our core technology (which turned it into Yahoo Web Analytics and eventually was FREE...

  3. Cross-Device Measurement: Believe the Hype

    Social Login ID: The ID associated with their social account. As multi-device consumption becomes the standard for consumers, marketers need to clearly understand mobile measurement and the analytics available to stay ahead of the curve.

  4. Recover From Panda? Follow These 5 Steps to Avoid Future Panda Hits

    Don’t get me wrong, technical problems can definitely cause content quality issues, but Panda heavily takes into account user happiness. Analyze Top Landing Pages From Google Organic (via Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools)

  5. 14 Ultimate Link-Building Guidelines to Keep Safe in 2014

    Where possible, connect the article to the authors G+ account using the rel=author attribute This process can be worked out with the publisher, but the following should be taken into account: To make it PR newsworthy, you need data - run surveys...

  6. Google AdWords Conversion Values Add Multiple Currency Support

    In other words, a U.K.based online retailer promoting products from an AdWords account billed in pounds and that accepts payments in other currencies will not have to convert the payment into pounds in order to reconcile additional currencies into...

  7. Guide to Google Analytics Demographics Reports: Age, Gender & Interests

    When turning the functionality on in your Google Analytics account, you will also find links to Google's guides for classic and Universal tracking code updates. Google Analytics has always been very good at telling you what people have been viewing...