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  1. 5 Social Media Advertising Trends to Watch for in 2014

    Now that the world is shifting their television habits online, this means that the video advertising model must shift with it. After they tested the "autoplay" video content organically, it was a natural progression to see this come to video ads.

  2. SES San Francisco 2013 Revamped: 5 New Tracks, Discussion Panels & VIP Keynote

    Integrated Marketing brings all three of the above tracks together (paid + owned + and earned), so you can see how they can work synergistically. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for much more info about what you can expect at the must-attend...

  3. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    Twitter Partners With BBC America to Promote Branded Videos – MashableThe first "in-Tweet branded video synced to entertainment TV series". Software must: be pre-approved by Google; offer one-click, complete uninstall; provide clear, full...

  4. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

    It cannot and must not be estimated beforehand. GOAL: Grow Awareness, Reduce Ad Costs social influencers X _____(#) average social network reach X _____(#) notable online brand mentions X $_____ paid spokesman or special guest costs (, TV...

  5. Win Earned, Owned and Even ‘Paid’ Links With Content

    Before we dive into how this can help you, we must first define what the model explains. It’s the basis of inbound marketing and the currency traded among the globe’s largest media agencies to cover everything from TV and radio to print and digital...

  6. Is Agile Marketing the Future of Search in 2013?

    This is exactly the same way you would create a prototype for showcasing a new product, or a pilot episode for a TV series. So now he gives his audience what they want to see - and follows up by promoting it as much as possible.

  7. Google Launches New AdWords Targeting Option: Congressional Districts

    But, as you can see from the map, buying TV ads in DC won’t reach your voters in the 6th District. Whether your goal is a seat on the town council, building up support for your chosen issue, or the White House, integrated marketing efforts must...