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Music Bands

  1. YouTube Live Adds Real Time Analytics, Paid Live Streaming & More

    On Sept.some of the biggest bands in the world were live on YouTube performing at Rock in Rio 2011. YouTube livestreamed the 20th anniversary Lollapalooza music festival. Wirecast for YouTube Live: This new software allows partners to produce and...

  2. Hot Rumor: Google is Launching a New Music Service

    Out of the top 1,000 search terms that took place on Google last week, 6 percent were music-related (which includes bands, music services and content). According to a blog post by Heather Dougherty, Director of Research at Experian Hitwise, Google...

  3. Lycos Kicks off the "Top Search Terms of the Year" Season

    Top 10 Bands of 2005: Reggaeton music fad It's a holiday of sorts for pop culture fanatics and search junkies. Today, we begin the journey with the release of the Lycos list from the Lycos 50 of the most popular Internet search terms of 2005.

  4. A Visual Search Engine for Music

    Some maps, particularly for popular musicians or bands, can be quite extensive, spreading beyond a single screen. Enter the name of a musician, and you'll see a collection of colored balls featuring musician names or bands as search results.