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  1. Search Ads Yield 68% More Revenue per Conversion When Integrated With Social

    Multi-channel touch points are even more valuable for social advertising," Marin reported. Does an integrated search and social advertising strategy yield superior results to when they're pursued as separate channels?

  2. Google Reveals New AdWords Features: App Ads, 'Enterprise' Tools, & More

    Enhanced reporting tools will allow analysis directly in AdWords in a multi-dimensional analysis tool. New mobile app promotion features will be launched across AdWords in search ads, Google Display Network, and YouTube.

  3. 73% Lose Trust in Brands Due to Inaccurate Local Business Listings [Survey]

    It is vital that multi-location businesses preserve customer trust by ensuring absolute accuracy in their online location information. The search engine? Brands that fail to ensure the accuracy of search engine location data run the risk of not...

  4. How Personalizing Websites With Dynamic Content Increases Engagement

    A multi-brand women's online retailer determined their online customers experienced challenges when attempting to figure out which size would fit best while shopping between brands. From an organic search standpoint, displaying relevant content...

  5. Responsive Design vs. Task-Oriented UX Design

    Their tasks are usually of a shorter duration and less complex and can be a blend of serial and multi-tasking. The more complex the task, the more likely they are to focus intently on their task and ignore other tasks; more serial-tasking than...