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  1. Twitter Year in Review: Top People, Trends & Events of 2012

    MTV Video Music Awards,14.7 million tweets It spans politics, religion, sports, news, and entertainment; here are a few highlights: President Obama’s tweet, “Four more years,” was Twitter’s Golden Tweet of 2012, earning more retweets than any other.

  2. Twitter’s Year in Review 2011: Egypt, Rebecca Black, Social Good

    MTV Music Video Awards - 8,868 on Aug 28th The democratic awakening in Egypt made #egypt the most used hashtag of the year, with Mubarak’s resignation topping the Hottest World News list. Over the course of the raid, he continued tweeting what he...

  3. YouTube Does More Than Round Up the Usual Suspects With New Channels

    As Kyncl said in his post on the YouTube Blog, “Cable television expanded our viewing possibilities from just a handful of channels to hundreds, and brought us some of the most defining media experiences of the last few decades -- think MTV, ESPN...

  4. Top 10 Twitter Trends of 2010

    MTV Music Video Awards MTV Movie Awards After analyzing 25 billion tweets that have been sent so far this year, Twitter this morning revealed the top 10 overall trends, as well as trends in eight categories (news events, people, movies, television...

  5. YouTube Wins Case Against Viacom

    Executives as high up as the president of Comedy Central and the head of MTV Networks felt "very strongly" that clips from shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report should remain on YouTube. And Matthew Belloni of Reuters News Service quotes...

  6. The Evolution of SEO

    Remember when MTV first hit the airwaves to the tune of the Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star"? The proliferation of images, video, books, and news has flipped the concept of search results "real estate" on its head.