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  1. Copyright Law: What Search Marketers Should Know (Part 2)

    If you are publishing multimedia, such as a podcast or video, don't insert copyrighted material into your original piece if it doesn't clearly follow fair use practices. MSN Searchification, Oilman Search Fulfillment: Yahoo!

  2. Implementing your Search Strategy for the Latino Market, Part 2

    That being said, there are some podcast directories that do show a fair amount of Latino podcasts that appear in their own search results under "latino" and "hispanic. See which podcasts show up at the top of podcast directory search results and...

  3. Highlights from the SEW Blog: Dec. 18, 2006

    Steve Rubel at Micropersuasion posits that Google is building a stealth podcast search engine. Steve Berkowitz, former CEO of and now senior VP of Microsoft's Online Services Group, overseeing Windows Live and MSN, describes the challenges...