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  1. Sun To Distribute Google Toolbar & Closer Relationship Beween Two; McNealy Says, "Lots of Money Flowing Both Ways if We Do This Right"

    From the looks of it, the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer (kind of ironic) will be the version distributed by Sun. That's significant, given the search giant's prestige as an Internet company and its reliance so far on machines it has built...

  2. Search Privacy At Google & Other Search Engines

    MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1 (shows the browser I used and operating system, MS Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP) ce2123e969 (my unique cookie ID, assigned to my browser the first time I visited) Similarly, if I have Netscape Navigator and Internet...

  3. Internet History Archives

    This plug-in for Netscape and MS Internet Explorer is the primary means of viewing and navigating DjVu documents. I'm an avid fan of the history of the Internet. The Internet FAQ Consortium