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Ms 2000

  1. Microsoft's "Google Base" is Code Named Fremont & MS Receives Patent For Semi-Auto Annotation of Multimedia Objects

    Charny points out that a is up but can only be accessed and used by MS employees. Two items from Redmond today, Microsoft with a classified ads listing service in the works pegged as a rival to Google Base and Microsoft getting a...

  2. Sun To Distribute Google Toolbar & Closer Relationship Beween Two; McNealy Says, "Lots of Money Flowing Both Ways if We Do This Right"

    Bottom line: another potential jolt to Microsoft software dominanance especially, MS Office. The Google and Sun Microsystems press conference is over and word is that Google and Sun have announced a "multiyear" strategic relationship for Google to...

  3. You Can Observe a Lot by Watching the Lycos 50

    Five years ago: Netscape fires blank, MS bids for 'push' reins. According to Yogi Berra, "You can observe a lot by watching. Aaron Schatz, a former disc jockey and market research analyst, has taken Yogi´s advice to heart.

  4. Special Search Tools & Products Issue

    The new version of Inktomi's search software (formerly Ultraseek) indexes databases via Oracle connector or ODBC, and includes more features for Japanese and Korean languages, updates to file format filters including double-byte PDF 1.2 files...