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  1. The Search Engine Report - Number 103

    A new BitTorrent search engine is now live, allowing people to easily search for movies, music, software and other files often illegally posted on the web. Also see BitTorrent Plans to Launch Search Engine This Was A Big Deal, Folks!

  2. BitTorrent Search Opens; Ask Jeeves Ads There Actually From Google

    The BitTorrent search engine that Wired reported on Monday is now live on the BitTorrent home page and at On a related note, Wired is now reporting that the FBI has launched the "first criminal law enforcement action against...

  3. BitTorrent Plans to Launch Search Engine & Carry Ask Jeeves Ads

    While several earch tools exist to find BitTorrent material (movies, music, software and other files), the service itself has not offered its own search tool. That's about to change as BitTorrent launches its own advertising-supported search engine...