SEO News


  1. Using the DMAIC Process for SEO Projects

    It was originally created by Motorola as part of the Six Sigma method to quality management. Conducting SEO projects involves working in a constantly changing environment, an environment where one of the major search engines rolls out hundreds of...

  2. Google Buys Company That Designs Robots for Military

    Google already has investments in those areas with Google Shopping and its Motorola smartphone businesses. Google has bought military robotics firm Boston Dynamics as part of a series of deals edging the firm closer to a future of robotics products...

  3. Guy Kawasaki Talks Content Marketing, Social & Google+

    He's also a TEDx speaker, a marketing adviser to Motorola, and one of the original Apple employees responsible for marketing the Macintosh. You can watch the entire interview here, and get additional thoughts from Kawasaki about email subject lines...

  4. FTC: Google Demoting Rankings of Competing Vertical Websites is Justifiable

    Google allegedly “reneged on its FRAND [fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory] commitments and pursued – or threatened to pursue – injunctions against companies that need to use [Motorola Mobility’s] standard-essential patents in their devices...

  5. Maria Montessori Google Doodle: How Montessori Education ‘Programmed’ Google’s Founders

    The results of those why questions has been seen through the years – why not buy Motorola? She was born on this date 142 years ago. No doubt today’s Doodle has some extra meaning for Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

  6. Google Seeks Ban on iPhone, iPad in Patent Lawsuit

    Google's Motorola Mobility division has filed a patent infringement claim against Apple over the Siri voice control and location-based services used on iPhones and iPads. Google's Motorola Mobility unit filed a complaint against Apple with the U.S.

  7. Google Reports $12.2 Billion in Q2 2012 Revenue, 35% YoY Growth

    The Q2 2012 $12.21 billion in revenue is another new record and reflects a 35 percent increase over the same quarter last year, when Motorola is factored in. In their pre-earnings call press release, Google quoted CEO and co-founder Larry Page on...

  8. Google Hit With Patent Lawsuit Over Chrome for Mobile Technology

    Mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, made by Motorola - which is owned by Google - and Samsung, use Google's Chrome Mobile Browser to navigate mobile websites using EMG's patented simplified navigation system.

  9. Google I/O: Jelly Bean, Nexus 7, Nexus Q & Skydiving With Project Glass

    Google said Android 4.1 will be made available to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Xoom and Nexus S over-the-air (OTA) from mid-July, while the SDK for developers is available from today. Lots of news coming out of Google I/O, the company’s...