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Motion Dismiss

  1. Courts Need Consensus on Trademark Law and Search

    Actually, what they decided was that there was not enough case law to prove it wasn't, so a motion to dismiss the case based on that argument could not be granted. Adding more confusion to the case law surrounding trademark issues and search...

  2. AdWords Gets Its Day In Court

    In an April 18, 2007 decision denying Google's motion to dismiss the case, the court wrote that '''the evidence suggests that Google used [ABWF's] mark with the intent to maximize its own profit .and] ABWF has produced sufficient evidence of...

  3. Daily SearchCast, July 19, 2006: Yahoo Stock Drops On Panama Ad System Delay; Google Finance Gets Conference Call Transcripts; Yahoo Gets House Pricing Data; A Semantic Web Smackdown? & More!

    A US federal judge has declined to dismiss a copyright infringement case filed by Agence France Press against Google News. Instead, she's given both sides more time to assemble evidence before ruling on a dismissal motion.