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Most Common Words In English

  1. How to Use Google Analytics Site Search Reports

    Language Use Globally: Also on the topic of international data, when you have a website specific to another country or language, you will benefit from keeping a close eye on the language used in search queries, as this can help you identify hard...

  2. The Role of #Hashtags in Social Media and Search

    One blogger recently ranted in a blog post about how the hashtag is ruining the English Language. Because a hashtag puts a word, acronym or series of words together without spaces, unfortunate interpretations turn good intentions into Epic #Failures.

  3. 5 Reasons Why People Hate International Search Marketing

    When your potential business partner can only speak broken English with an accent via Skype, it might be a little difficult trying to explain how you market stethoscopes online in his country. When an English person asks a non-English person, “how...

  4. Going Global: Localize Your Message for Holiday Retail Traffic

    The new German site includes the localized descriptions and information on 58,000 products from English into German. The German version of the online retail store launch is part of the company’s goal to better serve its non-English speaking customers.

  5. How To Use HTML Meta Tags

    Just make sure this is on your page if you're delivering HTML using English characters.meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> Wouldn't you prefer to describe your site to potential customers or visitors using your own...

  6. SEO Your Website For Foreign Languages in Your Domestic Market

    Could be that the top keywords you should be targeting are ‘Spanglish’ or similar colloquialisms – words that an English or native-Spanish speaking keyword researcher would miss. Last week here at Search Engine Watch, Dave Davies raised some key...

  7. 10 Missed Opportunities in Search Engine Marketing in Japan, Part 2

    As most search marketers rush to Google's translate tool in order to translate their existing English keyword lists, they might be in for a rude awakening. One bad translation is forgivable in the English language, but detrimental to the trust you...

  8. More Localized Google Suggest and Improved Spell Correction for Names

    I know the George Bernard Shaw quote about "two peoples separated by a common language," but he was talking about the Americans and the English. For now this enhancement is available in Google's English spelling system in the U.S.