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Mortgage Refinance

  1. Real Estate Search Site Zillow Saw Record Year Despite Economy

    An average of 8.2 million unique users per month in 2009, up 57% year-over-year growth in page views year-over-year million for-sale, rental and Make Me Move listings, up 43%, the result of more listings feed partnerships with brokerages and...

  2. Insurance debt: Don't take a tumble

    New issues are likely to remain scarce under current difficult market conditions and will primarily refinance maturing or callable bonds. The P&C (property and casualty) sector, and the insurance industry as a whole, has substantial exposure to...

  3. Killer PPC Ads: The Final Word

    That ad will be more effective if the keyword list includes terms like: refinance mortgage mortgage refinancing low mortgage rates Refinance Your Mortgage Apply now - lower rates and a fatter wallet every month!

  4. Margin calls bring mortgage funds to their knees

    Carlyle Capital Corporation, the Carlyle Group leveraged fund that invested in AAA-rated residential mortgage-backed securities, announced on March 13 that it had defaulted and was unable to reach a deal with lenders to refinance its portfolio on...

  5. US regulators turn their attention to negative equity

    Under the OTS plan, borrowers would be able to refinance into Federal Housing Administration-guaranteed loans at 100% of the existing value of their homes. One possible worry for investors could be that borrowers who would not otherwise default...

  6. The Month in Review

    The US Office of Thrift Supervision put forward proposals to assist borrowers with negative equity to refinance their mortgages (see News focus, page 7). The plan would allow borrowers to refinance into a 100% loan-to-value loan guaranteed by the...

  7. Northern Rock nationalisation positive for bondholders

    It is also likely that bondholders will benefit from the exercise of call options on Granite bonds, not least to keep investors on side as the government looks to refinance the £25 billion Bank of England loan via a government-guaranteed...

  8. Savings for the future

    At the moment, however, A&L appears heavily exposed to constraints in funding as although the bank has stated it has enough wholesale funding to refinance maturing obligations to the third quarter of the year, this does not include new growth.