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Morality In Media

  1. GoDaddy Superbowl Ads Under Attack From Morality in Media

    Morality in Media, an interfaith organization "battles pornography and other forms of what it considers obscenity in the media," according to Wikipedia. It is Superbowl time again soon (go Jets) and in what seems to be the viral marketing method of...

  2. Philosophy and Search: The Big Three Founders and the Philosophers

    In the "slave morality" endorsed by religious establishments, Nietzsche argued, forceful action which should be admired gets labelled as "evil," while the cowardly tendency to think through everything in advance is transformed into the supposed...

  3. What is Valid Link Bait?

    I loved the comment Jay Young, of Link Fish Media, made on the Blow Your Mind Link Building session at SMX Advanced: "We are not in this for morality, we are in this for marketing. It may not be truly a question of morality versus marketing.

  4. SEW Experts: What is Valid Link Bait?

    Morality and marketing living together. Social media traffic bait. A 13-year-old stealing a credit card to buy Xbox-playing hookers. Hidden widget links. Mass hysteria. In today's SEM Crossfire column, "What is Valid Link Bait?