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  1. PPC Management Operations: The Ultimate Guide

    Check the ROI for those other sites and if it makes sense, turn off these partner sites to save money (especially if you're working with a smaller budget). The simplest and easiest way to avoid wasted money is managing negative keywords.

  2. 7 New YouTube Features for Partners, Content Creators You Might Have Missed

    Then, the YouTube team updated its partner eligibility requirements across 20 countries where the Partner Program had been launched. But, the significant growth in the number of top YouTube Partners who are making six figures a year masks the...

  3. Virtuatecture in Second Life: What Makes a House a House?

    To do really complex organic shapes, you need to import "sculpties," created in an external 3D modeling program and uploaded into Second Life. Sex, Money, Fame & Glamour in Second Life Although my original intention in SL was to become involved...

  4. Top 10 Videos on YouTube from SES San Jose 2008

    Later on in the video, Avinash talks about new features in Google Analytics like the partner program and data visualizations to help marketers understand what works and what doesn't. Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide and Andrew Goodman of...