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Money Bid Prices

  1. 2 Mistakes That Cause Advertisers to Quit AdWords Just When They’re on the Verge of a Breakthrough

    The higher you can bid, the more traffic you get. Overly generic terms: If you’re a wedding photographer, don’t bid on "photographer" unless you want to branch into photographing kids, pets, pregnant women, mansions, and sporting events.

  2. Invest in This, Not That: A Competitive PPC Analysis Solution for the Holidays

    As the Google results show, “Angry Birds Plush” is being bid on by Walmart, Amazon, and even Build-a-Bear who have expanded their market to sell more than just fun-loving teddy bears. Once you’ve determined that a product won’t lose money and in...

  3. Search Engine Land Disses SEM Bid Management Software

    Bid management software is a money sink? Even at the portfolio level bid management is essential. This can all be done with multivariable testing inside customized bid management. His argument against automated bid management supposes the work...

  4. Those Mysterious Quality Scores: Fundamentally Simple

    So, for example, an advertiser could choose to pay high bid prices for high-volume keywords like "Ally McBeal" and display an ad for Janet Jackson ringtones. That way, satisfied users return to the search engine for dependable search results, and...

  5. Show Me the Money: Bidding for Profitability

    If you bid higher than the maximum cost per click, you risk losing money. This week I'll discuss a topic that's difficult for many PPC advertisers: setting ad group bid prices at the beginning of a campaign.

  6. SEW Experts: Show Me the Money: Bidding for Profitability

    Setting ad group bid prices at the beginning of a campaign is one of the more challenging tasks for many PPC advertisers. How much should you bid? In today's search advertising column, "Show Me the Money: Bidding for Profitability," David Szetela...

  7. Destroying the Myths of SEO and PPC

    Google doesn't just rank their PPC advertisers in the order of their bid prices. The higher a keyword's Quality Score, the lower its minimum bid and the better its ad position. The components of Quality Score vary depending on whether it's...