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Mode Average

  1. Say Goodbye to AdWords Average Position, Hello to Top of Page Rate

    Average position is a mean average but the natural inclination is to think of it as a mode average. Average position is one of the easiest metrics in AdWords to understand. The second factor in average position's deceptiveness is that they don't...

  2. Chic Engine Helps You Find That Dress You Saw on Pinterest

    While a recommendation engine can surface all the similar items, a tastemakers attention is focussed on the combination and uniqueness rather than "the mode" surfaced by data. Although, dear reader, it may be a simple enough thing for you to do...

  3. BloomReach Marketing Platform Aims to Expose Your Best Content in Organic Search & Social

    BloomReach’s public launch comes after three years of “stealth mode. According to de Datta, “Based on our analytics, on average 25 percent of URLs for a given site get any at all visits in a given month.

  4. Google ‘Search Plus’ and Our Ever Decreasing Circles

    Despite being labeled “Search Plus Your World”, I am also presented with new Google+ results for “People and Pages on Google+ related to [query]” – when I am logged out and in incognito mode. Of course my social circles are very search literate and...

  5. Search Week in Review for Oct. 30, 2010

    Introducing Couch Mode.get comfy! Small businesses on average spent $2,327 on paid search advertising in Q3 2010, an increase of 43 percent over Q3 2009, according to Webvisible. Organic Search Listings That Drive Clicks by John Greer

  6. How to Measure Customer Satisfaction with Web Analytics

    In this mode you could actually measure the customer satisfaction levels of visitors to your site. You don't want to interfere with the average Web visitor with their ultra-short attention spans.iPerceptions offers a minimally intrusive way to...

  7. Microsoft Adds More Tools for Search Marketers

    While these tools are currently in demo mode, they are expected to come out of the labs and into production eventually. Unlike third-party tools, Microsoft has access to data by keyword and position, so an advertiser can find the average CPC for...