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  1. SearchDay | Get More Attention with Legal PPC Ad Symbols

    Get More Attention with Legal PPC Ad Symbols SEW EXPERTS: PROFITABLE PPC Have you ever tested out non-alphanumeric symbols in your PPC ads? Google Launches Mobile App for Windows Mobile Posted by Feb 19, 2009 Google has launched its Mobile App for...

  2. SearchDay | 7 Social Media Predictions for 2009

    PPC Landing Pages: Surprising Examples PROFITABLE PPC It's time to kick off the New Year by looking at examples of good and bad combinations of PPC ads and their landing pages. Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics LOCAL & MOBILE SEARCH Over the past...

  3. SearchDay | I Love Crazy Link Ideas

    More from the Mailbag: Quality Score Mysteries and Great PPC Learning Resources PROFITABLE PPC David digs into the reader mailbag to discuss Google's quality score issues, and some good beginner resources for learning PPC advertising.