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  1. Learn With Google: 10 Mobile Marketing Tips from Googlers at #SESSF

    In order to maximize profits, marketers must understand the power of prime shelf space on the search results page, says Lawson. Marketers need product feeds, their search platform, CRM software and all of their other tools and platforms to...

  2. 20:20 Vision: 20 Brands Share Insights on 20 Topics – Earned Media, Search & Social

    Software/Technology, Financial Services and Real Estate lead mobile traffic:These industries experienced significant growth in mobile traffic when compared to desktop. Here is a collection of notes, quotes, and insights from leading brands and...

  3. World IPv6 Launch: What it Means for Content Owners & SEO

    IPv6 solves this numerical limitation by using addresses that are 128 bits long, providing for over 3.4 x 1038 addresses, meaning we are not likely to run out of address space anytime soon. That said, the growth of any new technology presents a...

  4. Yandex Teams With Seznam on Video Search Results, Now Reports Malware

    In addition to becoming the default search engine on Russian Windows Phones after inking a deal with Microsoft, Yandex also acquired mobile software development company SPB Software to further beef up its mobile offerings.