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  1. Avoid the Pitfalls of Mobile Marketing

    According to findings of a November 2007 Google study, mobile search queries from iPhone users surged at the end of 2007, eclipsing all other smart phone platforms -- even though Apple's smart phone market share is only a fraction of the other...

  2. Highlights from the SEW Blog: August 10, 2006

    The site is optimized for the Treo but works on any web-enabled phone. Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppleman said that the idea originated with Palm, which approached Yelp and wanted to create a mobile version of the site for the Treo.

  3. Mobile Search: Gannett Invests in 4INFO; Acquires XSVoice, Now Offering Streaming Audio on Your Phone or Device

    For example, using my Treo and some software for the Palm (Pocket-Tunes), I cannot only play any MP3's but also stream LIVE any station offers an MP3 stream. The news release focuses on how XSVoice will now allow UpSnap users to receive streaming...