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  1. Consumers Head Online for Local Business Information

    It's time for the release of TMP Directional Marketing & comScore's Annual Local Search Study results. Before we dive into the data, full disclosure: I preside over an interactive division at TMP. For example, in the previous graph social media and...

  2. Making the Most of Your Local Search Marketing Dollars

    Wave two of the TMP Directional Marketing/comScore Local Search Usage Study was released last week. Mobile Revolution, Take 6 OK, I know we've all heard that mobile is the next big thing. I think I've been hearing that mobile would be the next big...

  3. The Local Advertiser of Today and Tomorrow

    According to a study by comScore and TMP Directional Marketing (full disclosure, I'm employed by TMP Directional Marketing), the following types of media are used when consumers are looking for local business information:

  4. Search Marketers' Wish Lists

    Gregg Stewart, senior VP at TMP Directional Marketing It's been feeling "same-old" for a while now, even with nifty distractions like mobile search. Local search is a good example: we have yet to address the myriad accuracy issues of the listing...