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  1. Social Media Around the World: Current Trends and Future Growth

    Around the world the amount of time spent online is increasing exponentially, especially among cell phone users. A recent study by Strategy Analytics indicates that the number of people using their cell phones to access the Internet has quadrupled...

  2. How to Get Actionable Insights From Social Media Measurement and Monitoring Tools

    Example: If I worked for Verizon or AT&T, and wanted to engage people interested in finding the right cell phone, I might approach users who ask questions or mention the word "cell phone" and help with their purchasing decision.

  3. How Large Advertisers are Accelerating their SEO with Social Media - SES San Francisco

    There are even differences between what people in England call a toilet [a bog] and a cell phone [a mobile] It helps to have local resources. If you see a short, young(ish), Asian-looking chick, that speaks with a British accent, scoping out power...

  4. Making the Most of Your Local Search Marketing Dollars

    Cell phone/wireless device: 1 percent Additionally, the TMPDM/comScore study found that 20 percent of consumers with standard cell phones and 60 percent of consumers with Web-enabled phones have conducted local search on their mobile devices.

  5. The Geometry of SEM -- What's your Angle?

    I'll probably try to call anyway, but I'm irritated because I hate spelling phone numbers on my cell phone. They haven't claimed their listing, so the link in the query goes to their Google Local Business Listing with four phone numbers.

  6. SearchDay | Link Marketing: What Google Can Teach You

    T-Mobile will soon be offer the Android-driven cell phone, according to reports. GPhone Coming Soon, Should IPhone Worry Posted by Frank Watson Sep 18, 2008 The oft rumored G phone is becoming a reality and given the popularity of the Google brand...