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Mobile Devices

  1. 5 AdWords Optimization Checkpoints You May Be Missing

    In the settings tab under devices, check all mobile bid modifiers and adjust based on results. Mobile Within a few different tabs, advertisers can find mobile settings that help to improve the mobile ad results for advertisers.

  2. Delving Into the Auction Insights Report

    This means being aware of your main competitor’s strategy across different devices is incredibly important. We can see that the increase in their position above us is mainly coming from mobile. To gain back position one we can apply a small...

  3. Green is the colour of choice for BNP Paribas in France

    A leader in the listed space, BNPP introduced new ways this year to reach its retail and private clients in France online and via their mobile devices. BNP Paribas (BNPP) showed this year that its commitment to green goes beyond the colours in its...

  4. Introducing the Local Marketing Adoption Curve

    The explosion of channels and devices has made the opportunity to connect with consumers more abundant, as well as more daunting, than ever. You should optimize all your local marketing for customers who use multiple devices to find your brand.

  5. Android’s New Feature Paves Way for Apps Replacing Web

    This transition from Web to native dominance will certainly lead to a new generation of SEO: a world where traffic and attention is spread across an ecosystem of traditional websites, mobile apps, and various Internet-connected devices.

  6. Cross-Device Measurement: Believe the Hype

    When talking with attendees at mobile marketing conferences and events, I’ve frequently heard that the inability to identify consumers across devices is what’s preventing brands from spending heavily on mobile advertising even though they do...

  7. The Evolution of SERPs and User Behaviors

    Mediative suggested this was because mobile devices have trained uses to scan vertically rather than horizontally, which is valid, but more so I think people have just gotten to know Google over the past nine years.