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Misspelled Words

  1. Bing Ads Launches Close Variants for Broad Match Modifiers

    However, to date, Bing says advertisers may have been missing out on keywords with the very intent they are looking for because they are misspelled, abbreviated, or written using different grammar. In other words, Bing says ads will now also be...

  2. Paid & Subscription-Based Keyword Research Tools

    Misspelled keywords can help to find pockets of opportunity in a saturated market and a potential advantage over competition. When you find words that are too difficult, HubSpot will suggest long-tail variations to help maximize your chances of...

  3. More Localized Google Suggest and Improved Spell Correction for Names

    Although Google has offered corrected spellings for mistyped searches for years with the "Did you mean" link, it recently made some big strides in correcting misspelled names. We use these additional descriptive words to offer you better suggestions.

  4. Twitter Brings Back People Search

    Twitter says the search is faster than the original version and that it now boasts a "phonetic similarity algorithm" which helps you find names for possibly misspelled words. Want to find a person by name on Twitter (again)?

  5. Dynamic Keyword Insertion: Friend or Foe?

    Another reason DKI should be used carefully: it's frequently worthwhile to include misspelled words in a keyword list -- incorrect pluralizations, for example. Here are some examples from our 540-keyword list -- as you can see, one can often infer...