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  1. What J.K. Rowling Can Teach PPC Marketers About Reaching Ideal Prospects

    If you sell minimalist athletic shoes, your Avatars may include a follower of the Paleo diet, a yoga teacher, and an ultra-marathoner who sleeps with a copy of Born to Run under his pillow. I’m looking for a pair of minimalist running shoes.

  2. Google Eye-Tracking Study Highlights Impact of Local/Places Results

    This isn’t exactly surprising either, because pictures break up the plain text and you would expect the thumbnail to draw some attention against Google’s minimalist layout. SEOmoz just released the results of a pretty cool eye-tracking study and a...

  3. SEO Tools 101, Part 2

    I prefer a minimalist approach. Before jumping into more tools, I'd like to address a comment posted for "SEO Tools, Part 1" that suggested ".throw away all of your SEO tools and focus on producing great content -- content that your prospective...

  4. Does No One Get Twitter? Der Spiegel Added To Not List

    Then Google arrived with its minimalist interface and rapid return of fairly relevant information and the rest is history. The pithy About Us section seems minimalist but informative. Starting with their question of whether it promotes narcissism...

  5. Marissa Mayer To Leave Google?

    She has worked with many of the company's newer products and has been known as a long time advocate of the minimalist homepage. Rumor has it Google VP Marissa Mayer will be leaving the company in 2009, Gawker reported.

  6. Meet the New (Again)

    It's minimalist in nature, but you can change the skin to create a different background. After a year of slow but steady growth, has redesigned, incorporating Google, Yahoo and Microsoft design elements along with it.

  7. What Search Quality Means to Search Engine Google

    This results in a minimalist design aesthetic; extra fanciness in the interface slows down the page without giving you much benefit. In the boldly headlined blog entry, "Search quality, continued," Googler Ben Gomes explaines in greater depth what...