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  1. How Big Data is Fundamentally Changing Local Search

    Beyond the algorithmic changes that local search is likely to experience in the next few years and the changing of the guard we are witnessing as newcomers start to take local mindshare from the legacy players, it’s likely that both mobile and...

  2. Can You Sell Insurance on YouTube? [Study]

    Mindshare stepped up to our challenge to help us expand reach by gaining more views on our brand channel and did it in an effective yet efficient way. Danny Huynh, Mindshare’s Group Search Director, says, “In today’s world of social media, we were...

  3. The Decision-Making Funnel, Stage 4: Action, Part 2

    The relative weakness of many online brands is the primary reason that their offline competitors often win the battle for the customer's mindshare. In "Landing Pages and the Decision-Making Process," I described the well-known AIDA conversion...

  4. Defending SEM During a Recession

    Local Search Mindshare Grows Among Search Engines, ClickZ Experts That's led search marketers to defend their craft by insisting SEO and social media are recession-proof marketing tactics that can help a business weather the coming storm.