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Mike Blumenthal

  1. Google Wants to Get More Local Businesses Online

    However, as noted by Mike Blumenthal, Google seems to be preparing a nationwide release, having launched the "" site and having transferred roughly a hundred domain names in the format of either "" or...

  2. Google Shows Local Results for Non-Local Queries

    Florist SEO Watch blogged about this over the weekend and was pointed out to Mike Blumenthal (where I learned of it) by Cathy Rhulloda. Do a search for a broad keyword and you're likely to come across some local results in Google now.

  3. Google Map Business Categories, Unraveling the Black Box

    Respected local search guru Mike Blumenthal in his blog, "Understanding Google Maps has been researching the map category matter for a couple of years. Now, in what could be a gem of functional street wisdom, Blumenthal has published research...