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  1. 10 Quick Paid Search Copy Tips to Improve Your Click-Through Rates

    Sometimes you might not need a lot of space to say what you’ve got to say, but it actually may be worthwhile to include more copy than less in your paid search ads. However, copy optimization, i.e.testing a succession of alternate ads to find the...

  2. Buy side attacks Isda early termination protocol

    Sources close to the working group had already told a fresh protocol might be required next year. One buy-side lawyer calls it "absurd" and "insane". Another says her clients will "go ballistic" when they see the details.

  3. "Europeans are the problem" in CCP oversight standoff

    That might be because of something we have done or something done to us by the market - it doesn't matter, all that compensation goes. The European Commission’s (EC) refusal to recognise rules for US central counterparties (CCPs) as equivalent to...

  4. Dealers fret over NSFR impact on equities

    Seen individually, one element might appear to generate a funding need, and these invariably attract an RSF, but the other element, which in reality flattens the funding position, is given little or no ASF.

  5. Evolution in Digital Marketing Skill Sets

    The infancy of this industry and its impact might be analogous to agencies in the 1960s learning how to use computers to develop advertisements rather than drawing by hand. This is an exciting time for those working in the advertising and search...

  6. Moody's sees $14.5bn FX fines for top banks

    Moody's includes Deutsche Bank, Citi, Barclays, UBS, HSBC, JP Morgan, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Merrill Lynch in its list of banks that might be fined.