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  1. BNP Paribas harmonises forex and equities pricing

    This hassle-free process is a big help when doing deals with small European banks and Middle Eastern banks that lack in-house exotic management, he says. If I want to do an equities trade, I can see my equities pricer; if I want to do a forex swap...

  2. New role for Okazawa at BNPP, and other recent job moves

    He replaces Claudio de Sanctis, who has been appointed as head of private banking Northern and Eastern Europe. He will report to Jeffrey Hiller, global chief compliance officer, and Paul McConomy, chief administration officer, Asia and Middle East.

  3. Do Marines Need A Few Good Tweeters? Pentagon Wants Social Media Experts

    While social media has recently been associated with such events as the Middle Eastern political upheaval, the start of these protests needed a lot of obvious conditions that could have been monitored offline prior to their involvement in the...

  4. Google Doodle Remembers Hungarian Revolution

    The recent African and Middle Eastern revolutionary movements mirror Hungarian history as Google Hungary reminds us in its Doodle today, celebrating the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. Similar to how the recent revolution in Egypt spawned movements...

  5. Energy strategy remains promising for hedge funds despite its volatility

    Eastern promise Controversial methods of extraction are also fuelling concerns about the environmental impact of shale gas production in Europe.While the outlook for European shale gas seems gloomy overall, analysts say some regions, in particular...

  6. Axis of AML

    Knowing the telltale signs of money laundering and keeping wise to anti-money laundering (AML) compliance should be natural and beneficial for Middle Eastern and Asian banks seeking to increase their standing in the international financial system.

  7. Smart Move: Yahoo Acquires Major Arabic Portal Maktoob

    Maktoob gives them deep penetration in to the Middle Eastern market - a rapidly growing and desired market. Yahoo's purchase of Maktoob makes access to this wanted population easier for marketers looking to push their reach into the Middle East...

  8. Islamic inroads

    For example, for Middle Eastern clients, institutions would submit the product structure to their panel, which will strip down the entire concept and structure to check it is compliant, says Goh. In terms of structure, sharia-compliant derivatives...