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  1. SearchDay | Search Engine Submission 101

    I touched on the subject here: Microsoft Revamps MSN City Guides With Live Search and Live Maps Posted by Nathania Johnson May 11, 2009 MSN City Guides has undergone a makeover and the "after...

  2. Microsoft Live Blog Starts SEM Instruction

    I've seen many visitors in the forums who ask basic questions, so I know there is an audience for this line of articles. The people over at the Microsoft Live Search blog have started a series of SEM posts intended to help train people.

  3. SEO Baseline: U.S. Presidential Election 2008

    In the meantime, share your thoughts on strategies for the presidential hopefuls at the Search Engine Watch Forums, or if this really fired you up, apply for a job on Obama's team. My advice to whoever takes the job: run ads on Yahoo and Microsoft.

  4. What is Valid Link Bait?

    I also look forward to comments about this subject, and perhaps another chat in the Search Engine Watch Forums. Funny, I haven't seen any comments from Yahoo and Microsoft on this hoax -- though no doubt the added links are helping in...

  5. SearchDay: When Top Keywords Suddenly Vanish

    SEM ideas please - Microsoft Live Search Solves 404 Error ProblemPosted by Kevin HeislerNo one likes generic 404 error pages. To solve that problem, Microsoft Live Search will now enable Web site...

  6. SearchDay: Five Traits of the Ideal Link Builder Microsoft Search CashBack: Stealing from Google? Search Engine Watch Experts Columns News from the Search Engine Watch Blog Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

  7. SearchDay: The Search Wars Are Over Google Launches Google Earth API and Browser Plug-inPosted by Kevin HeislerIn the escalating war over the planet Earth between Google and Microsoft, Google has opened up Google Earth for development.

  8. Search Engine Forums Spotlight: April 11, 2008

    The AdWords War - How Yahoo Can Dodge the Microsoft Bullet Search Engine Watch Forums "This is a bold and dangerous strategy. Find out here, with these links to some of the latest topics being discussed in our own Search Engine Watch Forums, and...